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Tianyu Shares
CMO and Custom Synthesis Services
Route design, estimated delivery cycle, cost analysis, quote
Caffa synthetic route, stability, study on center control, study on quality control, gram sample provision 
10L-20L scale, laboratory report, 100g-1KG sample provision
50L-500L scale, standard operating procedure, 1KG-20KG sample provision 
1000L-10000L scale, standard operating procedure, kilogram sample provision
Tianyu Pharmaceutical's CMO services
Tianyu Pharmaceutical has a wealth of experience in the R&D,pilot production and commercial production
for the intermediates and APIs of small-molecule drugs.With 15 years of GMP management experience
and an exceptional ability to control manufacturing cost,Tianyu is dedicated to providing small-molecule
compound CMO services to worldwide partners. Tianyu Pharmaceutical’s Shanghai R&D Center is a professional
organization specialized in research and development in the CMO domain. The key staff members of the organization
are holders of Masters or Ph.D. degrees with abundant experience in the process development and synthesis route design.
Tianyu Pharmaceutical aims for the seamless transition from lab study to pilot scale to commercial scale manufacture.
In the early stages of R&D, our very experienced R&D and production teams already participate in the validation
and quality risk assessment for the key process parameters and stability study of intermediates.
This discipline greatly improves the chance of successof the subsequent commercial production.
Meanwhile, we also provide a sustainable improvement protocol based on customer requirements.
We review and track the manufacturing process regularly, and within the constraints of compliance requirements,
attempt to lower product cost and actively cooperate with customers to achieve process improvement and innovation.
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